Family law questions in 2017

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How do you get a divorce?

To end your marriage you got to apply to the court for a divorce. An application for divorce has to be filed in a Superior Court of Justice or Family Court.

Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?

Without consulting a lawyer, you can file an application for divorce; however, you should probably do so before hand. A lawyer can assist you to understand your rights and any possible issues which could potentially influence theoutcome of your divorce, in the event you risk losing a lot.

What goes on when I did not answer to a divorce application in time?

The applicant can ask the court for an order based on the claims made in theirapplication, for those who haven't filed an answer in time. The court is not going to hear from you and will not have the right to engage in the case.

My ex-husband is not making child support payments. What can I do?

Payments could be had directly from your ex's company, filing writs against property your ex owns, or the FRO can request that your ex spouse's driver's licence be suspended.

Is a child support order from a different state valid in Ontario?

Yes. Orders created by a court in almost any province or territory below the Divorce Act are recognized in Ontario. Before they could be imposed if not, orders registered with an Ontario court.

While we are separated, can my partner and me still live together?

You will find circumstances where you could be thought to be residing separate even though your spouse as well as you are living in the exact same dwelling. Yet, there has to be clear evidence showing that the two of you aren't living whileyou both continue to stay in your home together. Consulting with a lawyer would be shrewd, if you're uncertain.

How much will getting a divorce cost me?

Resolutions will be different, but court fees in Ontario are usually around $450. Including the fee for filing the divorceapplication and also the fees that really must be paid before the divorce papers are reviewed by the court.

What's an easy divorce application?

For those who have no other claims, including access, custody or support, you'll be able to ask for a simple divorce. A straightforward divorce can beprepared by one partner or both as a combined application. The goal of this application would be to make the divorce move forward a whole lot more quickly.

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